Sandworms, Ohm

Kyle O. shared this feedback 4 years ago
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Just an idea to implement some sort of sandworms (think Dune) or Ohm (think Nausica).

I get that space engineers is supposed to relatively emulate real space travel, but it might be a nice feature to toggle in the map settings.

Giant space creatures would be cool to have to defend against:

On Mars and Titan etc. Giant sandworms gulp up spacecraft and stations that are built on sand instead of rock. Maybe include a vibrating camera effect for people in the ground in the vicinity to warn of it's coming.

Or, a herd of giant ohm (rollypolly bugs) plow over buildings in much the same way.

On asteroids and certain moons, perhaps a similar creature with a different skin texture, or mynocks. --I mean we have spideroids, so why not a few other space hazards?

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!


Good idea :)

Godzilla is also an enemy i want to fight :D

Dodge the slow but deadly claw and tail attacks with a fighter.

Try to kill him with massive ship and finally ram him.

(a kind of deformation on his body to see the health would be cool, but we know Godzilla have a good regeneration)


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