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Safe Zone Causing Extreme Lag And Performance Issues On (OG) Xbox One

DEATHPHANTOMG49 shared this bug 4 months ago
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I Found A Issue With The Safe Zones Causing Extreme Lag While Playing Multiplayer On The Xbox One. It Only Happens When It's On, I Also Tested It With The Admin Safe Zones And Those Seem To Work Flawlessly Without Lag Or Performance Issues, It's Just The Safe Zones That You Can Build And Put Zone Chips In That Have Been Causing Extreme Lag And It Also Does It On Servers. So If Anyone On A Server Uses Them It Will Cause A Lot Of Lag.

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Hello, Engineer!

Could you please provide more specific reproduction steps? We couldn't reproduce the issue on our side. If you're experiencing issues on Single Player or in Lobby you've created, could you upload a save to and share the link in this thread?

Any additional information would be appreciated as well.

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So Basically When I Create A Public Game On The Original Xbox One My Friend And Cousin Will Join Me, When I Build A Safe Zone And Power It Up And Put In Some Zone Chips, Whenever I Enabled The Safe Zone The Lag Is Extremely Bad That When You Would Jump On Pertam It Was Like You Where On The Moon When I Turned It Off It Went Back To Normal. Without Any Lag. I Also Tested The Safe Zones From The Admin Menu But No Issues With Those Ones. I Could Try Uploading A Save Of The World To And Post It Here But It Will Be A While As I Have No Power Right Now Due To A Fire Nearby So When I'm Unable To At The Moment. I'll Post A Link To The World When It's Possible For Me To Do So.