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Relative dampening and a better way to share gps waypoints.

Jaden Gerome Roland Gagnon shared this feedback 2 years ago

Adding relative dampening to the Xbox gamepad would be a very nice addition to the gamepad and on top of that adding a way to share GPS location with like other people in the game. It could be a future in the game room but I just cannot figure it out and a more simpler way to share gps would be nice.

Thank you for all your hard work we appreciate it. :)

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Hi Jaden,

You can copy the GPS in Terminal / GPS screen (Copy to clipboard button) and paste it into the chat (using RS press).

You will be able to enable relative dampeners with LB+RB+Y in next Beta version (1.194.060 and up).

Hope it helps. Thank you for your feedback!


Thank you so much

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