Realism Option: Hand drill ore detector off/on option, I'll find my own ores thanks.

Null Fame 231 shared this feedback 3 years ago
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Half the fun is not knowing, yet to do this I have to constantly turn off/on the entire HUD so that when using the hand drill the game doesn't hold my hand and show all the ores along with the type. I can turn off the ships ore detectors, so why not add the option to hand drills for those who'd like to 'prospect' for ores. I use the gps for marking the extent of the ore fields, pull out the drill see a flash of yellow text, shut my eyes, turn off the HUD, open my eyes, then have no idea the extent of the ore field I just marked out as, er, well I just turned the ores AND gps off didn't I. As a side note I honestly think Keen are pricing this game way too low, as xbox at this point in time seems to be full of poor mobile ports or shooters, with a few exceptions of course, meaning this game with regard to xbox is a breath of fresh air with huge potential, in sea of mostly garbage. £35 easy, and would be worth it too. *Standing ovation* well done.

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

And thank you for your kind words!

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