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Random encounters signals acting up a bit

Niels Kubel shared this bug 2 years ago
Not a Bug

So I have noticed that random encounters in survival are acting a bit strange. Sometimes I get a signal from a ship, then a few seconds later it disappears or de spawn. Also I found a pirate mayday signal that would appear then disappear shortly after. I kept moving in that direction and it would appear for a second. I used my camera to zoom in and saw a destroyed floating ship.

So perhaps ships are not de spawning as soon they come in, perhaps it is just the signal that is acting up.

Is that a bug or is it supposed to do that? I have noticed when playing creative, signals act normally . Thanks in advanced

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Apparently it was a player error. The signals are emergency beacons from destroyed derelict ships.

So it is not a bug only player error. Sorry about that. You can mark this post as solved.



Thanks, Niels :)

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