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Gryphon XCIX shared this feedback 2 years ago
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where is the hidden programming that allows the shooting range to function? hit tracking, activating the timer blocks to move the dummies after they take damage, score tracking, changing the text on text panels to show the current score, and resetting the score with the "start" button. all of this somehow works but is not something we on xbox can create. However, if you delete the asteroid, convert the station to a ship, and move it even a few meters, none of the shooting range functions continue to work. Also, it all ceases to function if the station is copied and pasted into a different location, or save game. Which means the programming is hidden so the player can't recreate it. If something as awesome as a working shooting range is showcased, even using the range as the thumbnail for the DLC, why is it impossible for the players to make their own with the same capabilities?

Would it be possible to introduce a block that reacts to being shot? like a "counter" that increases each time its hit and can activate another block at a specified number of hits. Second, add a "script" for lcd panels or text panels to display the current count of the block. And lastly, the function on a timer block or button panel to reset the current count.

Either this or split the duty of the target and the counter as 2 different blocks so the counter can be increased by multiple targets being hit.

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!

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