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Shaun Durbatch shared this feedback 4 months ago
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Hi there not sure if this is a Nitrado thing or a problem with the game itself. I have sent a a ticket to Nitrado about this but I thought maybe it was the game itself which is why I’m here I have a 10 person server and constantly I find a GPU Overloaded error and a Rendering error while I’m on my server it also creates horrific rubberbanding the rubber banding happens when I am away from my base and then return get bad lag as well the one guy I play with lost 5 hrs of work due to the rubberbanding and I feel terrible cause I know what it feels like to have hours of work be destroyed by no fault but the game or server so is this a server issue for Nitrado to fix or is a core game issue where I could get support from Keen. FYI I’m playing on Xbox.

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Hi Shaun,

Thank you for your feedback. We reported this directly to Nitrado as well and waiting for their answer.

Keep engineering!