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PCU limit dont allow to load game

Niels Kubel shared this bug 2 years ago

I’m playing survival where is have a large ship with a few extra vehicles onboard. So far I have used 35.000 out of the 100.000 PCU limit.

Anyway I changed my game to public to have a few random come in. I played for around 30-40 min where I had between 6-8 people come and go. Majority of them joined my faction which I didn’t see as a problem since they didn’t build anything other than blow my stuff up or sabotage it beyond repair. Surprising lol. Anyway I didn’t take long before PCU limit warning appeared. And I was like Ermmmm. It took me 12 hours to build my large ship in creative that spends 27.000 PCU and a few extra small ships so in total 35.000 PCU. So I would assume I had plenty to go. And no way could these players waste up the remaining PCU in 30 or so min.

Anyway I ended the game session and started up again only to learn that the game couldn’t load because PCU was higher.

So that is a bit of an issue when that happens, cause then you can’t enter the game and perform a clean up with trash removal... But I found a solution though. I switched my online game to offline instead. Apparently the PCU limit is higher in offline mode. I thought it would be the same as in online only that people shared. Anyway I could load my game in offline and then perform trash clean up. Apparently many of these players who joined only did that so they could die and respawn in order to spam and flood the game with as many spawn vehicles as possible. I have now learned to turn on the option "Delete spawn ship/vehicle".

But I would definitely like that when next time the game reaches PCU limit that I can load in to the game again so that I at least can do some clean ups in the world. Not easy when game won’t load. But at least I found a work around and solution by going offline. Thank you.

PS. Here is a video of my ship should anyone want to hang out one day

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Hello, Engineer!

Since PCU limit was changed we believe this shouldn't be an issue anymore.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA department

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