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Official xbox server US 5 is down

Pierre Noel shared this bug 17 months ago

The Xbox server Keen US-EOS #5 is missing since this afternoon around 2:30 pm when I was kicked out.

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It's fixed now btw



Thank you for contacting Keen Software House. We are sorry to hear you were experiencing issues.

Official Keen Software House servers are hosted by Keen and maintained by community members. These volunteers provide day-to-day support to our community.

If you are encountering an issue on an official Space Engineers server, please take the following steps:

~Join our official Discord server

~Contact a server Administrator in the #Help-for-official-servers Discord channel

Admins are usually reacting very fast and are able to help with this kind of issues.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Keen Software House: QA Department

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