My Ship still falling through Static Grids...

SiHO colus shared this bug 4 years ago

So i read Yesterday the New Improvements and Bugfixes like Fix the Falling Through Ground/Voxel bug. So i tested it one of my Ships where i Currently building for and it just Still Falling Through Static Grid Constructions on his Front/ship bow section. I Uploaded my Ship with the Name "BUGREPORT0001" on to Discover Yourself because THIS. is Super Annoying that Happens. On Ground, or Other Ships the Front of the Ship doesnt Float through the Voxel/Large Grids (well i doesnt have this Bug before) and it seems that Happens on Karge Static Platforms, so Please Keen Fix that Annoying Glitch.

I also Put a Video Here, that shows my Problem: Bug Ship:

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I was able to reproduce the part with grid, however I wasn't able to sink into voxel at all. So for now I created a ticket for sinking into grids. If you would have any idea how to reproduce sinking into voxels (maybe saved world would help), I can create ticket also for that.

Thank you and apologies for the late answer.


This Bug seems fixed. I tested it on 3 Ships that had the Problem, now they doesnt sink anymore trough Voxel or Static Grid. I think the Ticked can be Closed for now, if the Bug shows up again, I will create a new Ticked if needed.

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