More Weather Hazards and suit damage

Brandon Bullock shared this feedback 3 years ago
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The mechanics

Have it so that difftent parts of the suit have diffrent health bars kinda like how the game Fallout have health bars for each limb. But for space engineers it wold be things like visor, O2 tank, hydrogen tank, jetpack, and antenna.(antenna btw would be amazing if when it damaged or not broadcasting you are no longer able to see other antennas or gps markers)


They can get damaged by normal means but also by heavier storms like the sand storms because I can see a storm like that picking us rocks or scrap and send it flying.


To repair the systems you won't be able to just go to a med bay, but instead you will need repair kits (which maybe could also be used on blocks) just like the already in game health kits or power kits. The repair kits however, can only be bought at shops (debatable though) which would give an insintive to use the shops more.

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!

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