Making game more xbox user friendly (low pcu limit shitty for survival)

Alex Carlson shared this feedback 4 years ago
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A hyperdrive that changes top speed for said ammount of time. Small or large ship accessible, less pcu for xbox users.

Scrips, you said y'all were gonna add in certain scrips, I just went to the steam site to look at scrips, theres so many that would be useful it's not even funny, please add them, please dont be cheap for xbox users and what you can do with creations.

"Mods arent supported on xbox" well, in that case why is there a whole xbox game called fallout 4 that has mods available in game? Please explain this??

Maybe test what an xbox can do before adding a one base 2 small ship pcu limit to the game, everyone's console is running JUST fine. As well as everyone complaining about it. Do somthing about this please!!! Actually test the xbox with your game and see what it can do till it starts lagging or just straight crashing. I'm pretty sure people would be fine with a build limit.. just so long as you can leave earth and build on other planets and space in it.. (know your game) (I only play in creative because of this same with the fact I have huge scale battles, to a limit cause pcu, and my xbox one s can render everything just fine.) Upgrade the pcu to somthing less game demo like.

Also it's weird to use a welder ship to build projections, is it possible to add a few more things for the projectors? Like layers of the ship? Build a layer at a time without backing up and building a wall that you gotta squeeze into with the character cause you missed a block? Or somthing not being projected now you gotta find the smallest conveyor, and to get to it ya gotta grind half the ship back down. Or you just spend a month or 3 trying to get everything hand welded Or placed then welded in a way that makes sense and that's accessible to the ship.

Add a threat that comes to you every so often or at random times, (spawn in, ones already coming to get you or spawn in, and by the time you make it from earth to the moon ones coming to get ya)

And last one isnt anything to make game better just somthing I'm confused about. I've seen you can guide thrust, only seen on a tutorial video for small ships in atmosphere but, can you guide thrust wether in atmo or space with curved armour blocks? With all types of thrusters if you can?

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Or add an option to the hyperdrive to change your top speed until the charge is depleted instead of having to jump from place to place Or spend 2 hours drifting to a planet or wherever your location is.

I Dont know If there are random encounters like that but I havent come by any so I'm not sure. They would be fun tho and add a little somthing to solo play survival

If you guys have an actual reason for not adding mods onto xbox version can you at least add some blocks and stuff they offer into the game itself?

Also add doors for small ships, why add a control seat for a small ship if I cant make the room airtight? Trying to build a small ship as small as I can for a different start but realized that I cant cause theirs no doors and in order to make it airtight I gotta make it 50000 blocks bigger just to compensate for rotors or pistons or both, and now I have all components for those things, beats the purpose of building them. Or I gotta use a large grid just to make somthing that I want as an alternative start. Large grid isnt easy to make a drop pod being just how big your character is and what you need to start off. I find the starter ship (space start) is decently big and will last you AWHILE which is good but I want a challenge to keep the ship running in the beginning and not being huge or bigger than what the character is.


We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!

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