Love new Wasteland dlc, however ;)

Niels Kubel shared this feedback 3 years ago
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Love the game and everything about it. And I enjoy all the dlc’s And especially this new wasteland dlc, because there are some really cool planet, blocks, skins and the cool exhaust pipe block which will make my new ship project the Torrens from Alien Isolation look so much cooler.

However I have one complaint if I may be so bold;D

The new planet is incredible cool, but I am a bit sad that spiders do not spawn there.

It would have been perfect for my Aliens, and starship troopers scenario.

Would you perhaps consider adding spiders to spawn on that planet?

Or would you perhaps add the option for content creators to have the ability in creative mode to set up which planet can spawn spiders/wolfs etc? That would be wonderful.

Even the new grid windows block have a description "Good for keeping out big spiders"

But they don’t spawn there.

Please consider.

Thank you for your time and wonderful game.

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Hello engineer,

we have recently added spiders and wolves into safe mode, however they are not enabled by default in our custom worlds and have to be enabled by players through the world's advanced world settings.

In case you did that already, then I have information for you, our designers say that Spiders should already spawn on Pertam, but they spawn rarely, each 3 hours or so. The reason for that is that Spiders can be fun, but can also be very overwhelming when you face them really early on.

Please get back to us with your additional feedback whether the issue is resolved or if you need more information or if you have more information for us.

Have a great day,



Ahhh okay I see. Well that ofc makes sense why I didn’t see any then. I have spiders activated in game setting, but I just didn’t wait long enough that’s why then. But then if I may ask are we talking 3 real hours or 3 game hours in the game?

Whatever the answer may be, I am really happy to hear that spiders can spawn on this beautiful and awesome planet. I have many cool scenario ideas for this planet muhahahaha.

Also if I may ask one last question, cause I know and understand you guys work hard and are busy. Will the spider/wolf Npc receive an option in the future that you can adjust on how many that spawns and how frequent... You know a slider where you can adjust just like you can with PCU, day/night length etc etc.

I know there is an option for asteroids where you can set how many will spawn at one time. Safe being zero and Armageddon being "oh my god someone call Bruce Willis "

Perhaps there could be and option for spiders/wolfs also?

Safe being zero. Armageddon being "Okay we need a bigger flamethrower"

Anyway just an idea, cause then you could make worlds that are easy or make worlds that are living hell. :D

Again thank you for the answer. I’m very happy and enjoying this game so much.


3 hours irl is three hours in game


Depends on the in game time setting



I would also like the this option but since this is not a bug I will move the thread into Feedback section. If it will be voted enough it may be considered in the future (sometimes even less voted threads are implemented if we think it is a good idea).

Thank you

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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