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Atlas shared this feedback 2 years ago
Not Enough Votes

After playing for a few hours so far the game runs smoothly for me personally not much lag only with the odd collision and is a really good build especially for console that being said here’s a list on things that I’ve come across and also some questions on features that we don’t have but could possibly get.


- Field for mining, demolishing, drilling etc.

When trying to destroy something it doesn’t always seem to take effect meaning you have to move your character so that you can get into a spot for it to work.

- Community workshop

After trying to use the designated community workshop and download a craft nothing seems to work or transfer over downloads seem to take place on the page but no transition takes place. Also will there be a access page for steam creations as well and a way to upload designs.

- Creative mode

either I can’t find it or know how however block deletion and symmetry mode.

- Assigning blocks to consoles/control panels

It seems like you can’t designate a exact block to a certain number for example I’m wanting to assign something to 1 and 4 but I’m can’t so I have to assign something to 123 and then 4.

-Block/item size activation.

When building for example a small craft I would assign the block to be small however if i am to go out of that menu it will continuously reset to large meaning I’m having to change it every time when changing blocks.

-Targeting dots

Barely visible even on a reasonable size screen.

- Details and assigning things to HUD’s

On various devices and screens you could customise them to relay information or change what some blocks say on the side it seems that this doesn’t take effect.

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Hi Atlas,

those are awesome suggestions. Please, separate them to the individual tickets, so they can be voted for individually.

Thank you!

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