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Infinite hole in map

Joseph Robinson shared this bug 2 years ago
Won't Fix

After grinding for several days I was driving and the car fell into a never ending hole. Is there a way we can potentially recoup anything? This was our only base and we don't want to grind again from the beginning. Thanks. This video shows what happened

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Thank you for contacting us. It depends on where it happened, if it happened on an official Keen Software House server or not.

Official Keen Software House servers are hosted by Keen and maintained by community members. These volunteers provide day-to-day support to our community.

If you have encountered an issue on an official Space Engineers server, please take the following steps:

~Please contact a server Administrator on your server.

~Join our official Discord server

~Contact a server Administrator in the #Help-for-official-servers Discord channel

Thank you for your patience.


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