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. Rail and Rail vehicles

-trains/mono rails


-space elevators

•Mining laser System

-collects user selected ore as it burns

-excavation mode just burns making a hole

•nano construction (no mod)

-Nono boots construct from raw materials

•pre made shipyard (help new players)

- with projector/ printer

•power group output in GUI

-when user groups power blocks the game would show the combined output.

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!


I’d like to see a Cowboys vs Alien type theme for a DLC pack. It could introduce railroad tracks, rail cars, train wheels, new hydrogen engine, etc....Bounty hunter space suits and weapon/tool skins.

Alien block skins and more alien tech type consoles and cockpits.

Just some other concepts:

Power cable that’s placeable on large blocks. A more ascetic way to link power to grids.

More images for the LCD screens (I.e. country flags, travel posters, signage, etc...)

More sound bites for the sound block (I.e. alarms, alerts, “low power”, weather alerts, enemies, greetings etc...)

Circle pipe block: could be decorative or a conveyor

Concave curve block

Small air vent or a thinner large air vent or a Larger air vent to ventilate a larger space.

Grader blade vehicle tool for building roads or flat terrain.

Vehicle tool upgrades similar to hand tool upgrades.

Cat tracks as a wheel block. Bulldozer or tank

Bubble or round window blocks.

Smaller collision box for lights and small LCDs to allow for multiple of the like on large blocks.

In game trophy blocks to represent unlocked achievements.

Decorative blocks

Tree blocks, bushes, grass block texture, statues.

“Live engineers”. Kind of like the dead engineers but figures doing random tasks. Holding welder, pushing buttons, operating control stations etc...


To add to the already decent list, may I also add...

Aesthetic options:

Steam and/or Exhaust vents.

Barrels (New/Rusted/Leaking).

Open Cargo Containers (Guns/Ammunition/Resources).

Marketing/Inspirational Material, Posters, Flags etc...

On an operational level:

Power cable (thick cable shows as half block, must be connected via Power Coupler).

Power Coupler (Similar to a small merge block, comes in Large and Small format).

Chain/Wire Reel (Acts similar to a piston in allowing objects to extend and retract from the reel, but only takes up a 3x3x1 block, and has a 50m extend range).

Conical Drillhead (3x3x3 Cone Shaped Drill).

Small and Large Caliber Kinetic, Explosive, and Energy Based Weaponry.


If by crane you mean winch, I'm down. Especially if the block can be combined with some sort of missile to spear objects or debris and pull it aboard.


We need radar options.


We also need something like the above poster said: Some way to evenly level out terrain. The voxel tool you can do that but it is a huge unnecessary pain.


Arcelor-Mittal's integrated overhead gantry system

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