I was wondering if you guys ever plan on adding official servers?

zxchh moran shared this feedback 4 years ago
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I've read about there being official servers on PC and was wondering if that would ever come to console? if so will it be available on all consoles or just the X? Love the game so far but it starts to feel empty after a while.

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!


I have been following this game through different YouTubers and have always wanted to give it a shot! I have a PS4 (hint hint) and PC. All my mates are on console, so I would want to be on PC official servers so I did not play alone. I might be blind, but could not find any solid info on official servers run by keen. So, do you have official servers???

(slightly going off topic below)

Another query I have is, how well does the game run when there is 20,30+ people, all with elaborate ships? This is a vast question in general e.g. all players active and doing their own activities.

(Now I am off topic)

Lastly, I saw on gamewhatcher: SE plans 2020, saying- "Perform an internal study on what game engine is best for the future of Space Engineers". Is there any update on this information, as my understanding of this would be better performance for the game.

Lots of questions however, I have been looking at this game for a while and these three queries are holding me back until I have them answered. Hope I hear from Keen Support soon :)

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