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Gyroscopes not compensating for extra mass

Richard Karcher shared this bug 2 years ago

When attaching grids together gyroscopes will not take into account the mass of connected grids when dampening rotational forces. Thrusters already do this in the presence of gravity resulting in a perfectly still ship as far as movement is concerned. However, if you try to rotate with another grid of a reasonable mass there will be a vary noticeable rotational drift despite the gyroscope being more than capable of stopping the rotation.

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Hello, Engineer!

Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce your issue. Are you playing single or multiplayer game? Does this happen with every grid you try? If it is specific grid or world, you can upload it to Mod.IO for better reproduction.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


This appears to have been resolved with the recent patch. I tested it myself on both large and small grids of various masses and I did not experience the issue.

As for your questions. I experienced this in both single and multiplayer and it occurred when I connected two or more grids together. For example, using an aircraft to move a construction project to a larger area.

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