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Game won't resume from Instant On stand-by.

Darren Harper shared this bug 14 months ago
Won't Fix

I generally just shutdown the console so I can resume quicker when I start playing again. The majority of times I resume it the game quits back to the menu or sometimes just quits totally. Now I'm getting it where if I go back to the dash and back into the game it does the same thing. I've tried all different ways of shutting it down and it's random as to whether it works or not. I've now lost progress twice today because it quit the game on me. My saves are offline too.

1 - shutdown console using Instant On feature.

2 - restart console.

3 - go to game

4 - game quits back to menu or quits completely


1 - go to dash but keep game running

2 - return to game

3 - game quits to menu

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I didn't reproduce the issue. Returning from dashboard and even after shutting console down it loaded me back where I ended (the world was still running).

Does it still happens to you?

Thank you!


Hello Engineer,

Since there are no new comments in this topic and we are still not able to reproduce it, we are closing this thread as outdated.

In case anyone is encountering the same or similar bug, which is not already posted in a different thread, please feel free to create a new thread with all relevant information.

Thank you.

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