Game Crashes when attempting to access drone Remote control block on premade Keen Drone

NOT MYNAME shared this bug 3 years ago
Won't Fix

I blueprinted several drones from Never surrender and Easy Start.

The game will freeze or crash when attempting to access RC block in the control panel.

The drones are using hidden scripts as well as some ships bought from the Eco Store.

This leads me to believe it is a possible workaround for Microsoft's bullshit, please use this to your advantage. Microsoft would rather sell old tech to players for profit rather than allowing the full potential to be reached. This is also true for most companies operating in the US. Thank you ALL so much for being different and making amazing software!

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Hello Engineer :)

Please update your game and try if your problem has been fixed. If not, then please give us all the relevant information (saved game, steps to reproduce the issue, etc.), which would help us finding the problem and subsequently fixing it as fast as we could.

Thank you

With regards

QA Department



Since the thread has status "Need more information" for more than 2 weeks already and there is no answer, we are closing the thread as "Won't fix".

In case the issue still occurs, please follow Support portal Code of Conduct at and create a new ticket with all relevant information.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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