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Explorer and Death Wish Achievements Unobtainable on Xbox One

Conner Devan shared this bug 18 months ago

Posted a separate bug for these two achievements earlier though I accidentally posted it in the general support forum rather than Xbox specific, so I am reposting here in hopes these issues get the proper attention needed.

Both of these achievements seem to be broken as the required content to unlock them was not ported into the Xbox One version over from Steam, despite the two versions having the same exact achievement list.

Explorer: We of course only have Earth, the Moon and Mars available to us, missing Alien, Titan, and Europa. I have been to the 3 locations available in survival, trying different methods including starting a new game at each respective location and even using the admin toolbar to teleport myself between each location with no luck.

Death Wish: This game mode is not available in the world settings when starting a new game. On Steam this is done by going into the "environment hostility" hostility setting and changing it to Armageddon, though on Xbox this is nonexistent and our only two options are "safe" and "normal".

All other achievements seem to be unlocking fine at the moment, at the time of writing this I am at 24/29 unlocked, it is only these two that seem to be having issues as no one in the Xbox community has yet to unlock them.

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Fixed. I've unlocked both achievements and 100%'ed the game after the May 15, 2020 update


Thank you for message, Connor. We are glad that latest version helped you.

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