Controller settings need fine tuning.

Darren Harper shared this feedback 2 years ago
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When pushing up on left stick in ground vehicles and on foot it needs a bit bigger deadzone as it makes it hard to keep straight/full speed.

Having accelerate/brake/steering all on the same stick also makes it difficult to make slow and precise movements as it quickly goes from slow to flatout with only a minor adjustment. Maybe switch left/right to right stick and just use left stick for accelerate/reverse for ground vehicles?

Player movement in general feels a bit clunky and slow at times. Players on foot should be able to move a little more freely than currently possible. Especially when strafing and moving forward at the same time.

I know we're limited for options with a controller so alternate control schemes may not be possible and it's actually pretty good considering but it could definitely do with a few changes.

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!

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