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Can't respawn on multiplayer game.

Anh Tuan Truong shared this bug 2 years ago

So my friends and I played a long session - everything worked perfectly in the beginning, after a few hours we weren't able to respawn properly anymore. We had to manually force to close the game and reopen and rejoin the game.

A little more input:

We had autorespawn turned off in the settings.

So everytime we died we could chose how to respawn. It didn't matter if we picked the survival kit or any other droppods. The game would freeze saying "streaming". After a few minutes we had to close the game via the Xbox menu and restart the game.

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does the issue still happen? We are aware this was happening rarely, we are not able to reproduce it though. Any additional info would be appreciated. It might be worth to send logs from the host and a client after it happens with a link to this thread. (Y while in the Main Menu → Send report)

Thank you!


We couldn't recreate it either. Must be fixed or a one-time thing or something.


Thank you for the reply. I will close this for now, if the issue reoccurs it can be reopened.

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