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Beware of pirate raiders in survival

Niels Kubel shared this feedback 2 years ago

Disclaimer! Not a complaint, just an awesome experience.

So I just converted my creative build ship in to a survival game. I was flying around in space looking for more minerals in asteroids, when suddenly I noticed a red contact on my screen appearing 18 km away from my position . It was a pirate raider ship. And it came closer while I was mining. I kept an eye on it as it got closer, but then suddenly it stopped 14.3 km away. I was thinking what are you up to buddy. Anyway I kept mining cause I had found an uranium field in that asteroid, when to my horror I noticed a second contact appeared on my screen moving fast towards me from the pirate raider. It was an enemy drone dispatched from the pirate Ship. It was coming really fast. The music switched from calm to action packed. Target came closer. 4 km. 3 km etc. I turned my small mining ship around and bolted back to the mothership. I had much precious uranium. I landed in the big hangar and closed blast doors. Target still storming towards me when suddenly I heard gatlings open fire. I ran all I could to the bridge and saw my turrets where engaging that little bugger. Suddenly another contact. Another drone came at me. I took control of one of the turrets and blasted back at him. I got him, but unfortunately I forgot that once something gains momentum in space, it keeps that momentum. The lifeless fighter kamikaze right in to my airtight hangar doors. Wreckage from the destroyed ship continued to hit my ship all over. Sparks, smoke and fire everywhere. I was also loosing pressure from the hangar. Plus my rotor for my hangar door was very damaged so the cargo ramp kept malfunctioning. I looked angrily at the pirate raider sitting 14.3 km away and said "You want a fight, well you got it"

So I turned my engines on full power and charged the pirate. More drones came at me, but I rammed and smashed them like bugs. When I got closer I used my camera I had in front to zoom in and see what I was about to face. The pirate raider was some sort of Destroyer and heavily armed to the teeth with missiles. I was about to chicken out, when I thought to myself. " No way pal! If I’m going down then you are coming with me. So I got in weapons range, and omg all Hel,l broke loose. Bullet tracers and rocket smoke everywhere. The battle was intense. Half my bridge got blown out and port side engines gave up. But the pirate got damaged very much also. He started to flee the area, cause apparently I took out his weapon systems. Unfortunately I ran out of Ammo cause I wasn’t equipped for a long battle, so I aggressively turned my ship towards him and Charged full speed. I rammed him so hard that his ship broke in half. Half of his ship crashed in to a nearby asteroid cluster and exploded in glorious firework. Victory I thought. But the price was high. All main system on my ship had been so badly damaged that I couldn’t recover from that. I tried my best to repair as much I could but it was game over for my ship.

Then I noticed that I was gaining more speed. To my horror I noticed I was caught in the earth like planets gravity. With no engine power or control. I was a dead fish in the water. Planet came closer and closer. Abandon ship I thought, so I ran down to hangar two, in order to escape my sinking ship. Unfortunately the intense combat, bullets and rockets had penetrated the hangar and destroyed most of my escape vehicle. I was trapped like a fly in cobweb. "Oh well captain goes down with the ship I guess"

I went back to the bridge or what was left of it and sat down watching how the ground came closer and closer. I turned 3rd person view on and watched my 6 mio kg heavy ship crash like a meteor... Biggest explosion I have ever seen in the game when I crashed and one huge crater later I realized I survived the impact. I was literally shaking like a little kid. This was the most intense and awesome experience I have ever experienced in a video game EVER. Absolutely amazing experience...

Anyway I just wanted to share my survival story with you all. Also I have put a link of my ship on YouTube should any of you want to see the ship I build. Keep in mind the video is not from the battle sadly. Also the ship have had many changes since that upload. Anyway thanks for reading

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Hey Niels,

What an awesome story! I would suggest to you to post the story to the Facebook community channel:

Thank you for sharing your experience!


You are most welcomed. And thank you for making such an awesome game. I’m having a blast.


Fantastic story, brilliant example of why I adore this game already!

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