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Beta save before launch confusion? Plz help.

Niels Kubel shared this feedback 3 years ago

I’m almost finished building my DR-4 Viking dropship from Starship troopers. I know the Xbox version do not have Spider NPC to fight on planets (like Mars/) And we don’t have Alien planet, But I still wanted to build that ship. Cause I think it looks cool.

So many apologies in advance for asking this, but I’m really confused on how to save my save before launch, so I can use my creation on launch day. I need to save to workshop right? Are we talking about the ship blueprint or the Actual game save?

Also I would really appreciate if someone could explain the process step by step. Like

Step 1. Do this

Step 2. Do that.

I would be eternally grateful if someone could help out. I know for some this might be pretty straight forward, but I struggle, cause English is a tough language to me.

Thanks for the help in advance. And thank you Keen for bringing this game to the Xbox.

I do hope you give us the feature to fight alien spiders etc in the future though. They look fun on pc, wink wink ;)

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Hi Niels,

both blueprint and world publishing to is fine option to preserve your progress from Beta.

Thank you for your feedback!

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