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Ambient noise NOT Thruster/ tool related. Xbox one

Dustin Spengler shared this bug 2 years ago

After playing for hours, took the wheeled Rover out for a drive and as I left the area of my base there began a loud noise that sounds digital, almost like an alien ship. The sun was just beginning to set. When adjusting the audio sliders it is related to the sound effects not music as I could make the sound go away with that slider. As morning came around, the nature sounds sounded different ie the birds and the woodpecker. I did notice when it began that the normal ambient noise of the Wind ceased and was replaced with the new noise.

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Hello, Engineer!

We apologise for late response, is this issue still happening to you?

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


I played beta for hours Friday and didn't have it occur. On Saturday, i transferred file to full release and played it all day and it didn't occur there either, so I'm assuming whatever caused it has been remedied.

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