add non script programs to singel player xbox

dracanta shared this feedback 3 years ago

it a sad that xbox singelplayers can use scripts. can. you add non scripts to the game like some form of a programe. that do the simpel stuff storage display on lcd screens or soler traking. to use the program block in some way. can you add some programes to the game or test some stuff in the beta you don t half to use scripts add the tings people on the xbox need this ting

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Yes we really need more scripts available. At least some basic stuff like total or % battery left. Available storage left.

We need to read values from blocks at least so we can use lcd panels for control rooms without having to go the inventory or control panel all the time.

Could use a simple tag in the text of the lcd panel like {nameoftheblock:propertytoread} so the lcd panel can simply do a string format.

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