Add a minimum time for grids to despawn to preserve recent wrecks.

Richard Karcher shared this feedback 3 years ago
Not Enough Votes

If a player wrecks a vehicle, the pieces of that grid will despawn after being 500m from a player if they are unpowered, uncontrolled, and less than 20 blocks. For early game wrecks this makes it near impossible to salvage the wrecks of your miners or haulers if you build them on the smaller side or if they get heavily destroyed.

By adding a minimum time delay to the trash removal feature it would ensure that small wrecks remain long enough to be scavenged. All I am proposing is a 20-45 minute buffer period before a grid becomes eligible for trash removal that resets every time a player is nearby.

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!

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