A few suggestions for XB1 version.

Darren Harper shared this feedback 4 years ago
Not Enough Votes

- add "Share Inertia Tensor" settings.

If we can't have mods then please add this.

- stop resetting alignment of blocks.

Trying to add a row of drills and halfway through it randomly decides to change the alignment. Make it so they remember last alignment or the alignment of the same part they're being connected to. Also make the alignment markers brighter/clearer to see.

- add longer pistons.

10m isn't close to being enough. Add 25m and 50m variants.

- add an elevator.

Using blast blocks or walkways works but there should be some type of elevator that connects to a piston.

- more planets for creative spawns.

Getting sick of having to start in survival just so I can switch to one of the available options in creative. Spawning in creative only puts you on a snowy planet.

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Darren, those are all relevant suggestions. For higher chance of getting implemented, I would suggest separating this ticket to multiple tickets, one suggestion each.

Thank you for your feedback!

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