RT and LT of the wireless remote control does not work

Lucas Ignacio Norero Guzman shared this feedback 59 days ago
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Hello, I have played the game more than 70 times and I loved it and I play it with a PS4 controller, but something happened today that my controller now the L2 and R2 triggers do not work or as the game puts it, LT and RT do not work for me, no I can't weld, drill or cut with the saw, but if it works in other games and looking for a solution everywhere, only RT works for me ONLY when I want to put blocks to build, please I love this game and I join a community with other people and I am the only one who loves to play with a controller, can you please help me and I will buy the DLC from you

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I want to add that I play on Steam with a PS4 controller but the console or the game itself recognizes it as an Xbox controller, even so I was able to play normally these days but just today now it doesn't recognize my triggers, please help

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