(1.204 Retail) Total PCU limits changed post-new game

[DMA]Dark Link shared this bug 2 months ago

With the release of the Signal update, i was looking through the advanced settings while creating a new game in Home System, and found that the Total PCU slider could be set to Disabled. I thought it was great and went about changing the rest of my settings to start in Creative. The problem begins once you start the game and have saved, as once you leave to mess with settings again, the Total PCU slider will be set to 100 with no way to disable it again. Saving your settings at this point guarantees that you will NOT be able to load in if your PCU is higher than 500,000, done in a single session. the Total PCU slider can be set to Disabled with Experimental Mode Disabled.

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Hello Engineer,

Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues.

We are aware of this UI issue. We hope to address it in a future hotfix.

We will link your thread to our internal system and update it when we have more information about the hotfix.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House

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