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Warfare 2 DLC Weapons Update

brian gammal shared this feedback 19 months ago
Not Enough Votes

While I am pleased that your company has increased the amount of weapons in the game, there are a few issues that need to be addressed.

The first is that if you place turrets on your ship/station grid, and there is a target it needs to shoot at that has armor from your ship/station grid in the way, nine times out of ten, that turret will ignore the armor, and attack. This means it basically will shoot through your own grid to get its target, and this happens regardless of what the turrets are set to target. If it is an enemy it is supposed to shoot, and your own ship/station grid that the turret is on is in the way, it will engage.

The second is the new weapons damage output. While certain weapons ignore even heavy armor, and have a long reload (rail gun), this doesn’t change the fact that a smart player can still kill a target only using railguns. All they need is to graze a single line of tanks or whatever, and the target is dead.

Finally, the tests I have done in regards to counteract these weapons always end in the same way: either you need to be able to dodge quickly, you need to outgun your opponent, or you need tons of armor. Regardless of what path you take, the end is always the same: the most heavily armored, the most maneuverable, and the most armed to the teeth will always win. Consider how limited people are on Xbox: they are restricted to a limit, unless they are on a server.

Basically, you gave us really cool guns, but they are incredibly overpowered. When I asked Xbox players what they wanted in the next space engineers update, the first thing they said was “shields”. While scripts are out of the question, here is an idea. Safe zone generator. It only works on static grids, currently. What if you made a version that relies on ship power output for shield strength, while at the same time making it so the generator functions on mobile grids. Maybe use the heat vent blocks as "heat sinks": the more of them there are, the stronger the shields.

Again, the issue is that Xbox players have become too restricted. The Warfare 2 DLC has made it so that Xbox players need massive amounts of armor to withstand damage now. If you invest in energy shields for your next DLC, I can almost guarantee that every Xbox Engineer (lol) will purchase it. People also stated that they didn’t care about the drawbacks, as having that one thing to survive a few railgun shot would no doubt make all the difference. Not to mention all the money if you make a “Energy Defense DLC”.

I hope this feedback helps.

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I agree that shields are a necessity, but I don't find the weapons to be too overpowered as your feedback states.


Railgun can pierce through many layers of light armor alone, and can pierce 1-2 layers heavy armor and heavily damage the 3rd and 4th layers easily. Artillery gun (static) can penetrate half the amount of light armor that the railgun does, and causes explosive area damage to boot. Auto cannon is probably the most balanced due to it mostly piercing the first few layers of light armor, but also causing explosive area damage on the surface blocks.

But they all have one thing in common, minus the new Gatling guns. They all do explosive damage. The railgun only does it to the blocks it hits directly, but considering what it is, I’ll exclude the railgun. The others though, perform explosive damage equal to or more than a full salvo of missiles. I checked the output stats. We need a means of defense against these new weapons.

Not to mention, unless you are on pc, or a dedicated Xbox server, players are limited to a certain amount of PCU in their games. Additionally, the lag caused by two players running these weapons and firing at each other is immense enough to cause them to crash their games. I can get you an entire petition of people who feel as I do.

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