Constant syncing when loading saves/blueprints

Roger Nelson shared this bug 42 days ago
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I cannot play neither the retail nor the Beta version due to the game constantly trying to sync as if its recovering save files.

I load either game normally and load a save as i usually would. As soon as i open the blueprints screen the games freezes and the console goes into a syncing loop. The same thing happens even if i'm in the main menu and try to load a previous save. The only way to end the loop is to close the game by quitting to the dashboard.

I've uninstalled both games, reset my console and re-installed the games multiple times. I have even tried removing my account from my console and re-loading everything but nothing works.

Until i find a fix, i cannot play either game.

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Hello Engineer,

Are you seeing a progress bar or percentage of the sync shown? How long did you wait for the game to sync? Sometimes it can take up to a few hours.

Please try withdrawing consent and granting it again. That can be done in Options/Game menu.

If those steps did not help, could you please try sending us a log? To send the log:

Open the Help Menu by pressing Y in the Main Menu.

Select the Report Issue tab.

Fill in the contact info.

Post a message to this ticket with that contact info so that we could find your log.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Keen Software House: QA Department

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