Keen NA 3 Server- Cannot connect to server

Drew Juntunen shared this bug 43 days ago
Need More Information

I have been locked out of SE for about 3 days now because everytime I try and log into the server it loads me for a couple minutes before throwing me back to the main screen. I have reset everything involved, from Xbox to Router. Please help me get back on.

I have tried turning experimental mode on/off to no evail, and it won't let me upload my video of it happening because of the ridiculously small upload requirement.

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Hello Engineer,

Could you please try sending us a log? To send the log:

Open the Help Menu by pressing Y in the Main Menu.

Select the Report Issue tab.

Fill in the contact info.

Post a message to this ticket with that contact info so that we could find your log.

You can also try contacting the server administrators.

Official Keen Software House servers are hosted by Keen and maintained by community members. These volunteers provide day-to-day support to our community.

If you have encountered an issue on an official Space Engineers server, please take the following steps:

~Please contact a server Administrator on your server.

~Join our official Discord server

~Contact a server Administrator in the #Help-for-official-servers Discord channel

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Keen Software House: QA Department

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