Bugs appear online in official multiplayer

daniel devereux shared this bug 7 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

Xbox bugs appear in online multiplayer on official servers

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Space engineers - base game

Sparks of the future pack

Heavy industry

Warfare 2

Weapon rack shows unlocked for warfare dlc but warning states is part of decorative block dlc.

Industrial cockpit can be placed without dlc, simply scroll to where the cockpit is on the menu and hit RB to bring up placement, can not be attached to a structure but can build free in space and then build onto it.

Attached are two video files, i think they can be access online if you prefer from:

Weapon rack incorrect dlc list (bit of a wait at the start of video (xbox recording)


Industrial cockpit


Additional with thoughts

Game hard crashes xbox when cache change over gets to high, pasting and deleting multiple large blueprints that stretch the pcu limit then changing to multiplayer without closing the game causes a hard crash of the xbox. Probably try auto clearing the games xbox temp files when you click logout on the game menu.

This issue also causes a server block (doesnt appear in normal listing despite being active) most likely the anti cheat or whatever getting spam messages from the connection due to over sized cache/temps and locking you out, only way to recover the server listing is to reset the xbox mac address then hard reset.

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Additional: I can place the warfare 1 dlc passages even when grey, they will attach to preexisting structures unlike the cockpit one, can provide a vid if you need but same as indy cockpit just with ability to attach though they are grey and dont appear in normal highlighted selection.


Oh yes... it official server EU 1 incase it's a server side glitch, haven't tried on other servers yet.


Just bought rest of dlc so difficult to reproduce now but i "think" that the problem is in the warfare 1 pack, that seems to be the one what allows loose block building. noticed that some of the dlc doesnt allow loose building but alot of the warfare 1 does.


Hello Engineer,

we have managed to reproduce both issues you've described. They've been reported to our internal system. We will update this thread when we have more information.

Thank you,

Kind regards,

Keen Software House: QA Department

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