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San Dooku shared this bug 22 months ago

Dear keen,

it seem next gen xbox with the quick resume can make ppl go in this infinite loop and it is my turn, well i've see a lot of player have this problem and quit the game, because no clear answer to this problem in 40 days, it will be nice to solve this before every next gen player see they can t play on their usual server... do u know that bug cost me a all team of active player who was my allies and i've spend 1 year to learn the game to all this guys... now they cant play not more on eu 1. sorry i will try salt-free diet next time, but that a lot of ppl and work just denied.

i've done already many reports from the game menu at 15h00 utc+2

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new report at 15h42 utc+2


Hello Engineer,

We have reported your issue to our internal system. We will update this thread when we know more. In the meantime please contact the server administrators and ask them for help.

Official Keen Software House servers are hosted by Keen and maintained by community members. These volunteers provide day-to-day support to our community.

If you have encountered an issue on an official Space Engineers server, please take the following steps:

~Please contact a server Administrator on your server.

~Join our official Discord server

~Contact a server Administrator in the #Help-for-official-servers Discord channel

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Keen Software House: QA Department



this problem should be fixed in the latest available version 202.112.

Please let us know if it is indeed fixed on your side.

Kind regards

Keen Software House

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