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Ore deposits are disappearing

Gábor Oldal shared this bug 20 months ago
Not a Bug

The ore deposits are disappearing. Maybe the first day was all right. The next day, when I reloaded my game and mined, it was just rock. (I stepped out in the middle of mining) I thought I must remember it badly. But unfortunately, other ore deposits are constantly disappearing as I approach them. They get farther and farther until they disappear. It was close to about 5-10 meters (with a hand drill)

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Hello Engineer,

could you please tell us if you had any grids near the deposits? Were you on a dedicated server? Are you able to reach any deposits or are they constantly disappearing?

If you didn't have any grids nearby, it is possible that voxels refreshed. Try placing some grid next to your mining spot, that might resolve the issue.

Thank you!

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Hello! The nearest grid is approximately 2 km from the mine. Namely from my base.

It’s not entirely clear what a dedicated server is, but I guess we can’t talk about it. I usually start a single player game.

The deposits do not disappear completely, but they decrease and the ore detector display starts to behave interestingly than usual.

I'm just testing a gold deposit inside to see how long it takes to "refresh". So far this has happened on 2 computers. It will be a few days before this weirdness happens. (Few days in real life, and you don't have to go to the game.) Voxel refresh: Can you say a little more about that?

I'm trying the grid thing. Thank you!

Sorry my english! (google translate, and me :D)


How far should I build a grid to preserve the deposits? I think a steel cube is enough.

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