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Radar of some kind (please read)

Cheezus shared this feedback 10 months ago
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Some form of radar would be really epic, especially if it interacted with the projector table to make 3D tactical maps and other cool features that make the game even cooler. the radar could have a range of 2km or even greater with range changeable that also corresponds with power draw, etc. ships of the same faction with antennas on and in broadcast range could also share radar. for instance, if there are two ships with radar, they could see different angles to uncover ships hiding behind moons. overlapping displays would show up on both projector tables. this would also lead to a new class of ship, the radar ship. this ship would be the command ship and direct battles as it can see the entire battle. the fleet would protect it and follow it's orders. this would be cool for immersion as real navies use radar ships.

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There would also be passive and active radars with different characteristics. passive can only detect active radars, weapon fire or ship signature (classified in some way like speed or power or something.) active radar would detect even inactive ships and they would show up as signals.

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