Wheel override turns left and right wheels in opposite directions.

Nick Strong shared this bug 2 years ago

Platform: PC and Xbox. Version: 1.200.032. Repeatable: Yes 100%. Severity of issue: Mildly Annoying.

Summery: when using propulsion override on wheels, when set to a positive number the wheels on both sides rotate in opposite directions of each other. Wheels on the left, regardless if there left or right designated will rotate counter clock-wise. Wheels on the right, regardless of designation will rotate clock-wise.

To have a vehicle move in a forward motion, all wheels on the vehicles left will need a positive override, Example 20%. All wheels on the right eed negative override, Example -20%. Setting their overrides this way will allow the vehicle to move forwards. Reverse these settings to go backwards. Have eith of them be both negative or positive, the vehicle will sit there and not move.

Theory on issue: Its as if some one designed the left suspension, set it up to work only that way, then just copied it, and renamed it, but didn't set the rotation to be clock-wise for the propulsion override. Both the left and right wheel suspension rotate the same way if put on the same side. They both rotate clock wise if both versions are placed on the left, same if both on the right.

This is also only effecting propulsion override. And does not seem to impact normal controls, on xbox this is left stick.

Possible fix: Im fairly certain its a error in the suspension coding. What ever coding thats used for the wheel propulsion override is set to only work correctly for wheels on the left. It needs to be modified so right wheels rotate the correct orientation at a positive setting.

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Hello Engineer,

We're aware of this issue, we will link his ticket to the one in our internal system. We will update this thread when there are developments with this issue.

Thank you!

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