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Aaron Michael shared this bug 3 months ago
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I cannot connect to server Keen US-EOS # 3. It leaves me on a joining loop. Gamertag is AARENandSTIMPY. I've tried everything except factory reset my Xbox

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thank you for reporting the issue. Did it happen to you only on US#3? Did it happen with happen after start of a console or after some longer play session? Any additional information would be appreciated.

Also if it happens again, could you manually send us logs from the game? You can do it by going to Help screen (Y while in a menu) and sending a report by 'Report Issue'. Then just let us know here that it's sent and what email and description we should look for. There might be something in the log that would help is to find what's the issue.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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