Scripts on a Xbox Nitrado Server

Tristan Mcgowan shared this bug 6 months ago
Won't Fix

At first when i reported the issues when ever i put any script mod on the server it would tell me that Xbox isn't supported then with a bit of loading and unloading the server i got some to go onto the server but i don't think the scripted mods are working, The script mods im trying to use are and i will also included the number for

Modular Encounters System 750855 *

Rival AI 750859 *

Air Traffic 758217 *

Wasteland Encounters Continued 1034812

Surface Occupation 758220 *

Cargo Transporter 822615

Reavers: Terror of the verse 758223 *

At this current moment i have the ones with the * on my server but i dont think thy are working, I have went around my entire earth world and haven't seen any building or run down buildings, there is no aircraft in the sky when there should be, i'm not sure if its that i've done something wrong or if i have settings wrong, i hope you can help, Thank you

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Hello Engineer,

unfortunately we don't offer mod support. You'll need to contact mod authors or check if those mods require client-side scripts.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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