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[SE Public MP Test] 01-196-001 Host Kicked out of friends mode

Daniel Dupuis shared this bug 2 years ago

Hi Keen Team!

I have created a new Star System world in Offline creative adding a starting station with Medical Room to set survival and "Friends only" mode when completed, once in and ready to play I am always kicked out with a error message :

"Unexpected error occurred while joining the session. Please try again later",

that happens only after a PC restart where I open the game for the first time in that Windows session.

(see attached game log)

Reproducibility : Always (in my PC)


1 - Create a start system world, experimental, disable all NPCs and no block limits.

2 - Prepare the world for a MP play so add a starting station with Medical Room shared with all, etch... on the Earth like planet.

3 - Save exit and set the world survival and "Friends only" mode.

4 - Load the world to play Solo and notice that you will be kicked out after playing for a few minutes.

Additional information : FIX = Problem solved after closing the game to Desktop and restart the same world.

Host kicked out with that error message :


Starting station created for MP :


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Why you don't just start with enabled survival and build station with admin tools? (ALT+F10)


Because I don't want the empty suit Hydrogen Warning, can't build with the Spectator when too far away from my character and seems to delete the agressive Trash removal when I create the world in Offline and Creative mode the very first time I create it (new).



Thanks for the report.



We found out that this issue can happen if Steam goes offline and back online. We will see if there is something in Steam API to avoid this.

Thanks for the report again.

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