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More Mission types or enabling all for space and planets

Ryukki shared this feedback 3 years ago
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I was really excited hoping missions would add some more excitement in the game. Than I was disappointed when I realize that planets only have passive missions with crazy hauling missions always being offworld. The only action pack mission was in space being a Escort mission which I failed when the escort ship took 1 hit and everything was gone.

I'm hoping in the future Keen will add more variety into missions for both planet and space. Missions like, Search and Destroy which could be anything like a Enemy ship,small outpost,Few fighters. Package Recovery A mission that has a player break into a small ship or station and search for a package and bring it back while trying to beat the clock of hostile reinforcements or self-destruct. Wave Survival Player has to defend a ally ship or station that going to be raided for a certain amount of time like how Never surrender worked.

These missions could be missions that really effect factions due to being a faction vs faction mission instead of faction vs pirate drones all the time. With my experience with Economy I feel like players could really build up a ship or base quickly. I think it would be fun to do risky or tough missions like these to help amp up the game for those who chooses to do so. Also Keen your new drone AI works pretty decently on planets would love to see some pirate action on planets via missions or encounters. Added some pictures of them in action,

( These ideas below do not relate to the ones on top. )

Now these ideas are WAY in the future just throwing them out there when Keen decides to fix/work on npcs. I would love to see missions with npcs being in them. Infestation Player has to purge a station filled with spiders without destroying the station completely. Bounty Player has to kill a NPC pirate leader in a station protected by drones or other pirate npcs and recover a item off their body like a datapad or eyepatch lol. Or the most cliche mission Hunting where the player has to kill 20 wolves because some npc farmer in a MMORPG livestock been attack by them haha.

Here a link to getting npcs fixed in the main build if anyone wants to help.

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Thanks for the feedback


Towing, Rescue Missions. Find the objective, and bring it back to the station or a marked zone. So, you have to use a towing ship for the job, and it could be from a small boxes to large ships, depending on the difficult, payment.


I totally agree with this post (and Spets' idea too), and would like to add my own idea to the list!

So far, all datapads have given me co-ordinates to other stations, how about some that lead to wrecks we could salvage? or even Pirate traps disguised as abandoned stations/wrecks.

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