Wrong LOD for Window 1x1 Slope (Inv. or not)

Gamerix shared this bug 2 years ago

Version : 1.187.089

If we are just in front of a Window 1x1 Slope (inverted or not ) block the LOD is correct . But when we go farther the LOD became incorrect . The game show the dark side instead of the clear side

here is a little video that show what happen :


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Potentially working as intended:

I just tested this,and the LODs are reactive to lighting, and its direction in relation to the light.


sorry for the high delay of this answer . I've tried again and lightning did nothing . windows have a dark side and a clear one . The problem is once we go at a certain distance the clear side became dark instead of remaining clear ( day or night ) . i tried to put some light on each side but i have to conclude that it had no effect on it . i think it start to go wrong with the LOD 2


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