Wobbling Piston and Hinge heads

Vygintas Kirda shared this bug 40 days ago
Need More Information

Wobbling Piston and Hinge heads alot. rotor meanwhile works fine.

cant build anything starting with crane and ending with solar panels.

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Hello, Vygintas,

thank for letting us know about this issue that you are experiencing.

Please can I get some more information on this? Especially a video of this issue happening would be nice, as well as the blueprint of affected grid.

Thanks in advance for providing those.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Big Weight causes piston and hinge head wobble (this picture block box with 2 big cargo boxes full of ice).

This example has lottle wobble but enough to make everything explode when trying to put gently on a ground................... OR sink.

Weight also causes infamous SINKING into blocks and into voxels.(that has 592 votes)


I will try to make better example if i have time.