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"Withdraw components for Build Planner" button gives error when items go through a Sorter block

Psojed shared this bug 2 years ago

I tested in Creative mode, powered Large block grid.

Small Cargo with Steel Plates -> Sorter (whitelist: *components*) -> empty Small Cargo (used as access point)

Why the hell is this text window white and shows no cursor at all?

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Thanks to the user BattlePanda, we found the real issue. The sorter block works backwards for Build Planner interaction.

Simply said, you can pull items for Build Planner through a sorter block in the wrong way.


Small Cargo (access point) -> Sorter (whitelist: *components*) -> Small Cargo with Steel Plates

You can see that I can withdraw steel plates for Build Planner, even though you cannot access the Small Cargo's inventory because of the Sorter block in the way.


Hello Engineers,

thanks to your reports we have been able to reproduce this issue and have added it into our system.

Have a nice day,

Keen QA

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