Wind Turbine "Windspeed" calculated from grid Pivot Point

Freak_Gene shared this bug 2 years ago

While playing around with the Wind turbines to try and figure out how to get max effectiveness, I noticed that it appears the effectiveness is calculated largely in part by the Pivot Point of the grid.

(There does seem to be some negligible offset by either the center of the grid or the center of its mass, but I was unable to determine when examining the code)

Can we have this based off the location of the Wind turbine itself or something more controllable besides the current calculation that seems to be easily influenced by the Pivot Point?

I'm including a steam workshop map I made while testing

test point colors: Green have close pivot point, Yellow have far pivot point, and Red have super far pivot point

There are test points around the earth's surface, near the edge of earth's gravity, and at around 60km from the center of earth for all three of these.

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Issue reported. Thank you!

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