White-Screen after computer enters Sleep Mode, Desktop Notifications, (Sometimes) Alt-Tabbing, Etc.

Andrew Josue Cervantes shared this bug 2 years ago

Hello! Thank you for reviewing this bug!

Lately, after the 1st decoration pack was first released, I've been having a problem where my Space Engineers will exit fullscreen and go completely white, sometimes disappearing from Task Manager entirely. This happens after alt+Tabbing from Space Engineers, getting a Desktop notification, pressing Shift+Tab to open Steam (sometimes), and whenever my computer slips into sleep mode or my screen even enters the screensaver when I AFK. This is very annoying, as I am forced to either wait for the game to register that "Space Engineers has Stopped Working," or force close Steam's Bootstrapper. Plus, I usually lose a small chunk of progress on whatever i was working on at the time. Please help!

Have a great day!

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Hello, Engineer!

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