Wheels going through armor blocks

Patryk Sajdok shared this bug 3 years ago

In my world wheels of my vehicle are going through armor block.

Vehicle is pretty heavy (190000 kg).

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[1.195] I also have this issue. I made an armor railway. Unwelded light armors are used as rails. Railcar bogies have vertical wheels that squeeze rails from sides with suspension strenght+drive height.

But wheels sometimes pass through armors and cause big clang. Seriously, making a simple railway shouldn't be so difficult. Logic I use in my system is valid, but bugs make it overly complicated. I got really annoyed with tweaking suspension settings just to prevent clang. I was seeking the mistake in my design.

I give up. It's not my fault. Please fix this bug :(

Edit: I illustrated the situation as in the attached file. The game was open and my illustration represents the problem better.


I have mainly seen this in the 1x1 wheels, as they are used, they start to bug out then just pass through blocks like the wheels are not there,

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