Wheel brakes stop responding

CptSavarus shared this bug 18 months ago

Hi team!

Been having a problem with wheel brakes since the Survival update.

After a while of play, the brakes on a vehicle will all of a sudden cease responding and will from that point on, never work again.

The only reproduceable solution I've found is to paste a new copy of the vehicle into the world.

In one instance, the problem was fixed by deleting the vehicles cockpit and replacing it with a new one, though I've been unable to reproduce that fix since.

The bug applies to both the handbrake (Spacebar) and footbrake (Num 0), as well as any hotkeys that may be set up.

Sometimes it causes the individual wheel brakes to glitch out, whereby the "Brakes" checkbox in control panel cannot be cleared. Sometimes it causes the cockpit "Brakes" control to simply have no effect on the wheels - IE, checking the "Brakes" control in the cockpit, that box will stay checked but the box in the wheel properties will not be affected.

So far for me it's manifested in 5 different vehicles, all small-grid vehicles, both in Creative mode and Survival, across 4 different world files (all created since the Survival update). In each case the vehicles affected have had rotor-based trailer hitches (sometimes with trailer attached, other times without), though I cannot say for certain whether sub-grids are a factor or not.

The bug applies even when all wheels are on the same primary grid as the cockpit controlling them, though in cases where trailers are attached, the wheel brakes on the trailer also become broken.

The bug appears out of nowhere & it's not clear what causes it.

Game version: 1.189.044

I don't use mods in any of my worlds or vehicles, so it's not that.

Steps to reproduce: Unknown. The bug seems to appear after a random time of play and may affect any vehicle for no apparent reason.

Links to builds I've so far experienced the bug with...






Here is an upload of my current world file, in which the bug is present in the yellow truck & trailer... (instructions for testing given in item description)


The bug in this case appeared when I undocked the trailer from the connector on the base and filled the cargo containers manually with components. I've done this many times in this world with this vehicle without a problem. 10 minutes earlier it worked fine.

The vehicle itself is very well tested and I know it to work correctly.

Many thanks

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